Customer Experience Awards

It’s been clear for some time now that digital has had a destructive force on the retail landscape.   And as such, retail is going through a tsunami of  change because of the rise e-commerce and increasingly digitally savvy consumers.

But is the challenge for retailers is to keep up with all the latest digital tools and social media platforms?

Ask yourself, before the internet what made you return to a particular shop? Price…probably; service…definitely.

As retailers try to make sense of the maelstrom of customers buying habits, what was true then is true now.  Delivering a customer experience that put consumers at the heart of the process is the key driver to keep customers coming back.

Look at the John Lewis adverts over the past few years.  They are trying very hard to illicit and emotional response and engage consumers on a personal level. In doing so they believe they will be front of mind when it comes to choose a product. Their recent Annual Results would seem to suggest it is working.

And so, we have the Retail Week Customer Experience Awards.  A nod to those retailers, large and small…mainly large, that are focusing on being customer-eccentric. The blurb from retail week is;

There are 13 categories from in-store and digital experience to customer insight, social media, and retail theatre, we will shine a spotlight on brands leading the way in one of the most competitive areas of retail, and showcase those who continue to make the UK one of the very best globally renowned retail markets.

Enter Here – Retail Week Awards 2016

2015 winners included John Lewis, Shop Direct, Superdrug, Tesco, Pets at Home, Naked Wines and other leading retailers – (All Large retailers)

Wire Fittings wins order for 70 Recycle bins for National Trust in Studland Beach

Wire Recycling bins for ParkWe are very pleased to be supplying the National Trust in Studland with 70 wire Recycle Bins.  The order signifies a move to encourage recycling and preserve this wonderful Purbeck National Nature Reserve.

Studland is one of the most popular beach destinations in the UK. With as many as 25,000 visitors a day to the reserve over the summer months it’s expectant of the National Trust to minimise the impact on this heathland for the good its inhabitants.

Amongst the various impacts in the area include litter. One sustainability strategy to combat litter is recycling.

The brief from National Trust was straightforward. They required a robust recycling bin that could withstand the corrosive elements of a coastal location.

“Recycling is such as daily occurrence within the UK it has become second nature to most of us. This means that visitors to destinations expect to see these facilities”.

“We are really pleased that National Trust have chosen Wire Fittings to supply the Studland area with our Recycling Bins”. The bins are constructed with a reinforced mesh bottom plate and are made with heavy duty wire”.