Understand mobile Search

You may find the above topic rather unusual for a In-store Display blog. But mobile habits are becoming more and more relevant for retailers to understand.

Consumers are increasingly turning to their mobile phones when researching their next purchases.  This trend is not confined to the home or work.

In-store mobile searches are actually very common.  If a customer is on their phone in your shop, most likely they are checking the price of your product and seeing if they can get it cheaper elsewhere.

If you think this is not really relevant to your shop and the stuff you sell, you would be surprised.  It can be incredibly varied the type of searching that takes place on a mobile.

Arts & Entertainment, News and Knowledge based searches are the most popular types of searches.  However, Shopping comes in 4th with Food and Technology based searches 5th and 6th.

The Types of things people search for @Google

When people search

What’s also interesting is the time of day people search online.  It’s obvious that unlike a bulk desktop or lap-top an internet enabled mobile phone gives you access to the internet at any and all times of the day.  So searching for your products or services will take place outside normal working ours.  So even long after your shop has closed people are still looking to buy.


The all important purchase

17% off mobile searches resulted in someone visiting a store.  7% resulted in a customer picking up the phone.

Part of the problem that is not often discussed is measurements.  It can be difficult to accurately measure if someone searched online and the visited or called your shop.  We have to rely on the information we receive from source like Nielsen and Google.


Set up a Google Business Page.  So if someone is shopping and looking for a product at least they can find your shop.

Signage – If you notice customer checking their phone a lot. Put up signs saying – “Ask about Matching On-line Prices”.

Is your website Mobile-Friendly.  Use this tool to identify whether Google is happy with your website.  “Responsive” websites are the preferred option.  But they can be expensive.

Try and set up your own measurements.  Ask customer, “how did you hear about us”, “Were you checking you phone for prices”

Easter for Retailer

Easter is second only to Christmas for retail spending events in the UK. That long weekend is when consumers get bombarded to sales events and the notion that spring is here so it’s time to spruce up your house, your wardrobe your car and almost everything else.

Here is Wire Fittings guide to for independent retailers on how to make the most of the holiday.

Prepare early

I know it’s only one weekend, but the UK retail market is worth £365 million pounds. So it pays to prepare early. Themed window displays and pavement signage help attract the attention of passing shoppers.

Did you know that 50% of all purchase decisions are made on impulse? And the average person is exposed to 250 adverts per day!

That means you really need to shout at half of that passing traffic that are ready to buy. So it’s important to grab their attention.

Once in store signage is important. There are various way to point customers to your offers and best products. Adidas’ Digital Signage Boosts Sales By 40%. Now I’m not saying you will have access to digital signage, but it just highlights what can be achieved.

Think about the position of products.Is there a store to what you are selling? Which products to you want to entice customers with?

Plan for the weather

Tesco and the large multiples know the value in correlation between weather and sales. They will know in advance what weather to expect. If it’s hot, then don’t be surprised if the charcoal and meats come out.

Coca Cola know that as soon as the temperature heats up to 21 degrees Centigrade they will see a boost in sales.

Be flexible and be prepared to change offer or stock daily depending on sunshine or rain. Ensure you are attracting as much footfall as possible with a bright, bold and clear message.

Upsell at the till

Move your Display Stands and Dump Bins to make most of last minute buyers looking for gift. The supermarkets have been doing this for years. Strategically placed dump bins and stands are an easy way to upsell at the tills. Also try and place then near your seasonal stock.

The Halo Effect

There was an interesting piece of research called the Halo effect. The Halo effect occurs when promoting one item influences us to purchase another item. So consider placing your biggest selling products may help upsell other products that are placed next to them.