Win A Display Stand

Win A Display StandPick a Card.. Any Card..

And it WILL fit into our new combination system!

  • Easy to enter! Just fill out your name and email then submit!
  • Wow! People that are discovering our new system are raving about it’s simplicity and usability!
  • Brand New! This combination system is innovative and exclusive to Wire Fittings and we are giving away a combination display stand to 5 lucky winners!

Deadline for the competition is Thursday 9th August. The winners will be announced on Friday 10th August.

Everyone’s a winner! From the closing date to the end of  September, every entrant will be entitled to a 5% discount on any orders of a combination floorstand.


The Competition Is Now Closed !

The 5 lucky winners will be announced on the 15th August 2012.
All other entrants will be given a coupon code to claim your 5% discount on orders of our new combination system.



Terms and Conditions

So what is our new combination system?
Simply put… the combination system allows you to display different sizes of cards on one display without the need of designing a bespoke unit. You can order direct from stock with no minimum order.

  • Choose from a wallrack, a 4sided, 6 sided or 8 sided display.
  • Then choose which size of cards you want to fit on each side.
  • There are 8 different sides to choose from!
  • Want to change one of the sides in the future? Simply order a
    replacement side and start using it!
  • Our flatpack system allows each side to detach from the display.

Remember, each entrant will recieve a 5% discount from the closing date till the end of September on orders of a combination display.

  1. Clip to hold header card securely at the top of the stand
  2. Side Support. (Holds each side in place)
  3. Bearing for smooth rotation
  4. Choose from our range of 8 sides. Remember you can have a different side, on each side!
  5. 2 piece pole that push fits into the base
  6. Robust base with 5 castors. 2 of which are braked


Help Is At Hand!!

It is now possible to talk directly to a member of staff via our “Live Chat” on our website.
We at Wire Fittings are very excited about this new feature, maybe the boss should let us out more, but while he isn’t, we will be around to chat and help you choose what display stand is right for you!
We look forward to talking to you.