Global Ecommerce Sales Will Reach $1.915 trillion in 2016

Now that is a very big number.  Graph prediction

The march of ecommerce continues without abating.  Love it or hate it with those numbers you just can’t ignore it.

That’s the latest prediction by eMarketer, a retail marketing group in the US.


They are also predicting retail ecommerce sales will increase to $4.058 trillion in 2020, making up 14.6% of total retail spending that year.



Christmas Shop Display – Get Creative

In Retail, summer is historically a slow month, yet July 2016 showed elements of surprise for economists as YoY sales were up on the previous year.

Once summer is out of the way and ‘Back to School’ is a distant memory retailers are next focusing on Christmas.

Kim Morris, was once head of retail design at John Lewis.  Her insights tell us how John Lewis approaches Christmas window design and how independent retailers can try and capture extra footfall and sales this November and December.

It important to gather well in advance,

Online has changed everything

Prior to the internet the shop window was previously used as beauty parade of products.  The window would then be used as a prompt to buy a product.  But as High street footfall has fallen, 2.8% according to British Retail Consortium (BRC) and Springboard purchasing pattern have now changed.

What customers now want, is for the shop window to inspire and titillate.  Take Liberty in London as an example.  Managing Director Ed Burstell Says

“We are known worldwide for Christmas. This is our season. People make trips to London especially for the Liberty experience,”

Watch the Video – Behind the Scenes: The Liberty Christmas Windows

Don’t forget over  70% of shoppers emphasize the importance of touching and feeling products before they buy and face-to-face chats with staff for advice and to resolve any issues.

Create a sense of journey

Arguably this phrase might be perceived as marketing gobbledygook.  However, if you are creating a winter wonderland in your shop window, try and create the same online and in-store.

If you are looking for inspiration on how to create a Christmas window display.  Have a look at Pinterest.

Pinterest – Christmas Shop window Designs 


Here are a few others images I’ve found across the web.