Bricks and mortar more popular than online!

Some interesting data that I stumbled upon in May was that brick and mortar retailers in the entertainment sector were stealing footfall away from online online retailers.

“Despite around 14% of the population now having a music subscription service, people much prefer a physical CD.

In the first quarter of 2016 high street and grocery stores accounted for 69.8% of entertainment spend – up from 67.5% last year.

Fiona Keenan, strategic insight director at Kantar Worldpanel, comments:

“Despite recent high profile casualties for high street fashion retailers the performance of bricks and mortar entertainment stores has demonstrated the strong appeal this channel still holds for consumers. High street entertainment spends declined by just two per cent this quarter in contrast with a 12% fall online.”

The digital creep in retail continues to move at pace.

Digital RetailMost of these innovations are beyond the budget of most small independent retailers. However, I have always felt it’s important to understand the expectations of consumers and what is moving from
Pie-in-the-sky to mainstream.

There are 50 on offer by retail Insider. However, I wanted to highlight the few that caught my attention.

First of the bat is Starbucks. They have launched – Pay-ahead and skip the queues. I have personal  Digital Retail Innovationsally used this one and it works incredibly well. The Starbucks app is easy to navigate and whilst you may draw some, “why is he jumping the queue” stares it is very convenient.

Next on the list is Waitrose Hiku. This is only at the pilot stage at the moment. It’s your own personal barcode scanner linked to your Waitrose online account. When you scan a barcode it is automatically added to your online account.

Doddle is squarely aimed at clothing retailers. Retailers sign up to the service and shoppers can select the Doddle option for fulfilment. The company is retro-fitting changing rooms into a number of its shops that enable the trying on of clothes and provide an immediate returns route back to retailers for unwanted goods.

Car makers Volvo and Audi and trialing a one-time only keyless entry to your boot for delivery companies to drop of goods ordered online.

e-receipts’ got the green light in Argos and Mothercare. This means that receipts are stored centrals and never lost.

It’s clear by the retailers are concentrating on a few core areas that are lost in the digital experience. Delivery, trying on and continue to grow a longer lasting relationship with customers.

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