Spring Fair NEC Birmingham

It’s come around so quick, next week is the 2015 Spring Fair.  This year they have 400 new suppliers and with 300,000 new products from across 14 different market areas. The organizers are reporting they have a 10% year on year growth in exhibitor numbers at the 2015 event.   The main grown is in the Gift market with 268 suppliers already signed up plus 39 overseas exhibitors.   The Spring Fair allows the big suppliers like Enesco present their 500 new products to new and existing customers.  Many exhibitors use the Spring Fair as their first opportunity of the year to showcase their new seasonal products and ranges.

For us vising the Spring fair it’s a great opportunity to see our existing customers and to search for new ones.  A couple of weeks before the show we are always inundated with orders for displays, it doesn’t matter how many times we remind people to order in time we still get a rush of orders in week before – at least we are used to it and prepare ourselves!

Its really good to see new product lines being launched and to see customers so positive about the coming trading year.   Good luck to everyone and we hope you receive lots of orders.  See you there and don’t worry about the snow that’s forecast for early next week!!