Best and worst Christmas Cards for 2014

We love sending Christmas Cards in the UK.

Last year sales of Christmas Cards increased from £125m to £130m. And according to Royal Mail we send on average 17 cards per person during the festive season.  It does seem that the popularity of Christmas Cards never wanes, despite the increase in stamps.  A first class stamp will cost 62p.  It really is the universal way of saying hello to family and friends.

With the myriad of cards available we really are spoilt for whether it’s humorous, serious, a typical Christmas scene to cards that back charities.  In fact Oxfam recently said in an interview that 88% people, in its own survey, are planning to send Christmas cards this year with just 5% choosing e-cards instead.

Christmas cards are an important source of income too.  Sales from this year’s cards will help prevent Ebola in West Africa.  60p in every £1 will support this work.

Here is a selection of some of the more dubious Christmas cards we have seen over the years.

Wrong….this card is just plain wrong.

naked family christmas


Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg has always brought a sense of levity to his choice of Christmas Cards. In 2013 there was a simple photograph of himself and his wife on the sofa, however, it was over painted with Santa socks, hat and  antlers.

Nick Clegg Christmas Card  2013

This year the tone has changed away from child-like over drawing to a silly Santa Hat but actually still looks tasteful.

Nick Clegg 2014

Ed Milliband, however, has gone for the cheesy family photo including children. Whilst the picture looks lovely and I’m sure reflects the importance of family life to Ed.

Ed Milliband Christmas Cards


Nigel Farage

Irony abounds with Nigel Farage’s Christmas Cards. In the image below you can see Mr Farage in a white van, running over the 3 main party leaders.
However, Mr Farage is the son of a stockbroker who worked in the city…hardly White Van Man as he is clearly trying to position himself as.

Nigel Farage Christrmas Card

America’s love of guns is truly perplexing and this Cards really captures the obsession. Three heavily armed children!!! Yes I said children with what looks like Automatic weapons – really doesn’t portray the spirit of Christmas.

Bad Christmas Cards | American Gun Family

Clintons has come in for a bashing over their “Santa Claus lives on a council estate” cards. Where do you even begin with how inappropriate this is?

Inside the card it read…

1. He has a serial record for breaking and entering!
2. He only uses wild animals to pull his sleigh.
3. He only works once a year.
4. He’s never actually been seen doing any work in his whole life.
5. He drinks alcohol during working hours.
6. He barely leaves home for fear of being recognised.
7. He wears the same out-of-fashion clothes everyday and never washes them.
8. He uses loads of different names and aliases, purely for his own gain.
9. He gets letters from lot of people, all demanding that he owes them things!
10. He can get hold of all the latest designer gear but never pays a penny for it.

White House Christmas Card

Barrack Obama’s Christmas card of 2013 was really lovely.  A die cut card that popped up into the shape of the White House.  For me it is certainly the classiest Christmas Card I’ve ever seen.

White House Chrsismas Card


And here is the very latest White House Christmas for 2014


White House Christmas Card 2014