Retail Displays outside the store

This may sound counter-intuitive how can you have a shop display outside your own store. However, customer can your displays around with them day in day out. The common shopping bag, is the perfect example of shops display as it leaves the exit threshold.

This time you are not displaying the goods more the brand. And Extending the brand of you store beyond the limits of the High Street really goes extend the customer experience.

Many High Street retailers go to great lengths to extend and enrich the ‘Shopping Experience’. Take Hobbs as an example. Each garment in wrapped carefully in tissue and then enclosed in a heavy duty cardboard rope bag that is then secured with Hobbs branded tape.

All this ceremony takes some time. However, it has the ability getting you and your bag noticed when you leave the premises.

Apple is another interesting example of their use of Shopping Bags in extending their brand presence. Their view is an entirely more subtle one. An Apple shopping bag is immediately recognisable despite its inconspicuous branding. A plain white bag with wording, simply and Apple logo.

Whilst large corporate retailers have hefty budget that they can through at this, independent retailers do not. This doesn’t mean you can’t design something original. Take a look at some of these original ideas.

VW Golf Shopping Bag

Lipton Clear Green Tea bag: Carry Bag

And a favourite of mine. This Give blood bag.