Greetings cards for valentines day

Valentines Cards In the age of digital, you would be forgiven for thinking that the little greetings card may slowing vanish from sight. But actually, the greetings card industry and Valentines in particular is in rude health.

Despite the calls of “commercialism” from cynics, the British buying public still continue to buy and send Valentine’s Day cards. Last year, in the UK we spent £42.5 million saying I love you with pretty cards. On average we spent £2.01 per card.

Sending your card is still relatively cheap compared with our international cousins. In China it costs the same to send a First Class letter, the same as the UK. Only in Ireland (49p) and Poland (46p) does it cost less.*

As if to prove the point we are romantics at heart, there was a heart-warming story in the Yorkshire post last week. For the past 36 years an ex-hallmark card designer has been sending his wife the same…yes, the same, Valentines card to his wife, with a new message.

Some may consider this a little tight-fisted. However, it was only when I read on that I realised his wife could see all the different messages and rhymes he had written throughout the decades that the penny did indeed drop.

Source: The Communications Market Report: International