Do John Lewis display stands help boost sales

Christmas display stand

January is "year-end" for a lot of business and it is also when retailers report on the success or failure of Christmas. Every business knows that Christmas is such an important time for retailers – it can really make or break a business. And as if to illustrate the point January has brought bad news for Blockbuster, HMV and Jessops.

John Lewis and Dixons however have favoured the poor economic conditions more favourably. John Lewis, for example, sales were up by nearly 15%, for stores open for at least a year. Some may argue that online sales are driving those increases – possibly. But online sales accounts for only 25% of sales. That 75% dedicated to in-store sales.

The right product and the right price help push sales, but so does the right shopping environment. As you wander through John Lewis you can clear see the attention to detail.

In 2012, In an effort to boost sales they took three stores and re-vamped them with new and updated fixtures and interior design. This coupled with in-store visual merchandising and marketing will obviously contribute to increased sales.

So as a small business can you create the "John Lewis" effect?…Maybe.

Getting the correct stand to display and showcase your products is so important.

If a customer cannot clearly the products on offer it stands to reason that they won’t buy it.

I hear a lot of business be-moaning that the Internet is killing sales and it means that they cannot compete on price with some bigger businesses. And that the high street is dying and drying up the potential sales. And couple this with poor economic conditions makes it increasing difficult to win sales.

All, I take great comfort that in-store sales account for 75% of John Lewis’s business.

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