Save our Christmas light

I find it fascinating the way that events can have a domino effect. Where one occurrence can have an impact on one or other events.  Take the FSB’s recent campaign to save the high streets Christmas lights.

The Federation of Small Business is trying to get local councils to think carefully about cutting the Christmas lights budget because of the affect it will have on the high street.

So the thinking goes, that shoppers are attracted to the High Street at Christmas time because of the atmosphere are ambiance. The worry is that the lack of festive twinkling lights will discourage shoppers to go elsewhere and as a result this will damage local business.

Regrettably in these times of austerity councils and local authorities are looking at ways to cut budgets and Christmas lights seem a soft and easy target.

But abandoning this type of Christmas spirit has a knock on effect.  It makes for a quieter high street.

Despite this, some local businesses have taken it upon themselves to raise money to fund Christmas Lights.    Businesses in Monton held a summer fair to ensure funds were available for lights and in Tewkesbury retailers raised £1,000.

The FSB Campaign also asks for retailers to post pictures of their high street onto the FSB’s Facebook.

Christmas really is the most important time for the year for businesses.  It’s a crucial time that can make or break a business. So we at Wire Fittings really agree with trying to save the High Street and hope that this festive season is a profitable one.